The Aquarellum range will help artists of all ages and levels discover the pleasures of watercolour painting and colour mixing. With this creative kit, you can discover enchanted deer who have beautiful flowers, fruits and butterflies ornating their antlers!

The illustration outlines are masked, allowing the paint to adhere only to selected areas. This is the perfect arts and crafts activity to initiate young children to the art of painting and will allow them to easily create beautiful works of art.

  • Age: 8yrs+
  • Contents: 3 masked illustrations of 32.5 x 25cm, 1 watercolour paintbrush, 1 palette, 9 non-toxic watercolour inks, 1 dropper to mix the colours and 1 set of instructions

Sentosphère Aquarellum - Enchanted Deer

  • Sentosphère aims to stimulate sensory awakening and creative fulfilment through intuitive and educational craft kits. All of their kits enable children to discover their potential and will provide them with an opportunity to learn and create while having fun.